Driggs 300 Main

Teton Valley Realty and Ward Blake Architects approached MGB+A with a visionary plan – to develop the first mixed-use project in the region in the small town of Driggs, Idaho. This cutting edge project near Grand Targhee Ski Resort will create a main street character in the heart of the town, where previously there has been scattered commercial and no place that people would call the town center. This project occupies 13 acres in the city’s limited 350 acres of incorporated land.


The project has a welcoming, sophisticated frontage onto Main Street as well as inviting internal streets with comfortable, beautiful streetscape enhancements. The project also features a new civic space for public gatherings and celebrations. These site amenities are of equal importance in creating interesting public spaces and a positive image site-wide. This planting design includes areas that are more formal and areas that are very natural, but utilizes native and natural-appearing plants throughout. It proposes a mixture of tree and shrub species and a mix of plant sizes and ages to replicate the diversity of a natural landscape.


MGB+A assisted with the site master plan, developing the landscape architecture program, and refining the public spaces into welcoming plazas and streetscapes. We also provided 3-D models of the site design to help with the design process and city approvals. 

Driggs Overview
Driggs Overhead
Driggs Low Shot
Driggs Low Shot
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