Clearfield City TOD

Clearfield City is known for being the home of Hill Air Force Base and the Freeport Center, a large industrial free-trade area. The City has struggled, however, with its image and is generally not regarded as a great place to live. City leaders have decided to change this, by improving the City’s image and its urban fabric to attract the residents and businesses. The City will be a stop on the new commuter rail and City leaders have seen this as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Clearfield City hired MGB+A to help redesign parts of the City to bring new life tot he streets and its downtown. Working with a collaborative team of specialists, including economic development, commercial marketing, branding and graphic identity, MGB+A led city staff and citizen leaders to propose moving the future commuter rail station to downtown and develop a new plan for the land around it.

The plan was developed through weekly committee meetings, design charrettes, and public open houses. The final site selection and land use plan is being coordinated with UTA and with proposals from developers who will help build the site and ensure that the buildings are designed, built, sold and leased up to City expectations.

Clearfield Plan 2
Clearfield Plan 3
Leonard Grassli Clearfield
Clearfield Plan 1
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