Ogden Municipal Block

Ogden Case Study

Schematic Design

To complete the design for the Ogden Municipal Block (and most other projects), MGB+A looked at the “big-picture” of the downtown area.  This helped us to better understand the interrelations of the downtown blocks to each other and the surrounding environment including the Ogden River, Union Station, Multimodal Center and adjacent commercial uses like Lindquist Field.  The City of Ogden wanted to draw more people downtown and create an enjoyable gathering area.  Taking a big-picture view of the project facilitated making connections to the important neighboring uses.

Ogden Case Study 3

Concept Design

This sketch shows a closer view of the project block and its relationship to the immediately adjacent uses.  It illustrates how circulation and design patterns along 25th Street and Kiesel Avenue will draw people to the project area and the Junction Plaza to make the downtown more successful.

Ogden Case Study 4

Conceptual Section View

Once the big-picture view has been researched and important connections to the surrounding uses have been acknowledged, we look closely at the site itself.  On this project, traffic noise was a big impact because the amphitheater accommodates orchestra type refined music that requires very low thresholds of sound. A noise specialist was consulted and a sound wall was integrated into the outside edges of the amphitheater creating a wonderful atmosphere to listen to a wide variety of musical performances.  We successfully relocated parking and integrated the design next to an existing municipal jail.

Ogden Case Study 3

Preliminary Master Plan

This sketch shows the block to be designed alone. It recognizes the important connections to the surrounding circulation with the incorporation of pedestrian circulation paths.  The most important element in the project was the amphitheater.  As shown on the sketch, the amphitheater is placed directly on the axis of the circulation path that connects to the adjacent blocks next to the existing jail.  The U shaped path system is a simple but strong design element that joins the amphitheater to the municipal building and other uses on the municipal block.  Just east of the U shaped path is where we designated a sculpture garden where all of the statuary existing around the block could be reorganized for better visual accessibility.

Ogden Municipal block Color Rendering

Final Master Plan

This color rendering is the culmination of design studies and approvals by the client after a considerable design process. The wishes of the client were integrated into the project using strong design shapes and directions.

Ogden Case Study

Final Built Project

This is an aerial picture of the project once construction was completed with all of the design elements and connections to surrounding blocks well integrated into the site.

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