Snake River Parkway

burley 1

Conceptual Design Option 1

This sketch shows sections of the Snake River to remain untouched (shaded area), possible automobile circulation patterns (block arrows) and suggested areas where development could occur (circular patterns).  The main spine of development is shown to occur along the Burley, Idaho Main Street corridor.  The City’s desire is to add hotels, businesses and water activities to the project area.

Burley 2

Conceptual Design Option 2

This project is along the Snake River with environmentally sensitive areas that need to be preserved and protected, and development that needs flood protection.  The larger circular shapes on this drawing shows existing sewer treatment ponds that the City wanted to enhance.  This sketch also shows the project boundaries and, from our research and site analysis, outlined areas that need to be protected with areas that could tolerate more intensive uses.

Burley Snake River

Preliminary Master Plan (3 Options)

This drawing shows three options of different levels of development.  Option A shows the sewer lagoons turned into a water ski and extreme water sport venue.  Option B shows a wildlife habitat option and Option C shows a combination of each.  These options also show a variety of development opportunities along the river and in the downtown area.  The City wanted to increase the economic viability of the downtown through providing a better connection to Interstate 84, revitalization of the downtown existing uses, connecting the downtown to the river with a trail system and preserving the agriculture environment surrounding the town.

Burley River

Final Master Plan

This rendering is of the final master plan approved by the client. It shows a natural habitat in the sewer lagoon area, a downtown layout that supports the existing development as much as possible and a series of residential housing and businesses along the waterfront.

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