Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Case Study

Schematic Design

At the beginning of this project we took a holistic view of all of the surrounding uses IE: Interstate 15 (large block arrows), railroad (black dashes) and the Jordan River (meandering arrow) and existing views to and from the project site.  It is important to understand the existing and adjacent uses of the site so that they can be integrated into the site or connected with pedestrian and/or automobile circulation.  It is also important to accentuate views to and from the project site.  The smaller block arrows on this drawing represent important view corridors and circulation paths.  The circular shapes represent different use areas for the project site.

Thanksgiving Case Study

Concept Design

This is a portion of the previous sketch showing a refinement from the holistic view to a more detailed view of the project site during the design process.  The block arrows represent automobile circulation connecting to the adjacent uses. 
The black arrows represent important view corridor axis to be accentuated to further organize the site. 
The serpentine path indicates pedestrian access pathways winding through outdoor “rooms” represented by circular shapes on the diagram.
The serpentine rectangles represent parking. 
The groups of rectangular patterns represent proposed buildings. 
The circular shapes on the outside of the sketch are the golf course at Thanksgiving Point.










Thanksgiving Case Study

Preliminary Master Plan

This is the next level of detail to show the client more definite design elements and how actual buildings and landscape can emphasize the design.  In the sketch, the view axes are preserved and emphasized with built elements like paths and water features.  The outdoor rooms are connected with a path system and enclosed with plant material.  The plant material is positioned in a way to provide an interesting experience with surprises when views open up enticing the users to continue into the following spaces. 

Thanksgiving Point Gardens Master Plan (Thanksgiving_Point_Master_Plan

Final Master Plan

This is the final approved master plan prepared to guide the production of the construction documentation. 

Thanksgiving Case Study

Final Built Project

This photo showcases the design of the project. It was installed to reflect the ideas prepared during the early stages of the design process.

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