Utah State Capitol

In the fall of 2000, MGB+A was commissioned, along with 3di International, and AJC Architects, by the Utah State Capital Preservation Board to produce a master plan and building renovation plan for the Utah State Capitol campus. MGB+A implemented elements of the original master plan created by John Olmstead as part of the master planning process.  A major element of the plan includes an oval pedestrian path around the exterior of the campus. The master plan also eliminates automobile parking in front of the capital allowing pedestrian traffic only in the front “yard”. The first phase of the master plan included the construction of two new buildings and a garden plaza atop of the existing parking structure. The phases progress through “greening” up the entire campus and proposing most of the parking to be underground. The project, including developing plans, is to be implemented over a 20 year period. 

Award of Excellence, ASLA
Award of Distinction, AIA

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